The Accreditation


Here are just a few of the requirements:

  1. All staff within the certified office must meet the general qualification standards.
  2. The facility must pass regular inspections for cleanliness, safety, consistency, mitigation protocols, record keeping and estimate controls.
  3. The facility must meet the guidelines set forth for emergencies including equipment and the staff must meet the criteria for all mitigation standards set forth.


DSN not only sets the standard but heavily governs and polices the manner in which these businesses operate on a daily basis.​


Program verification has been provided by many insurance companies* to include:
Fact 1: 
DSN accredited contractors’ water mitigation claims were half of the industry standard
Fact 2: 
DSN accredited contractors’ file closure times were 36% faster on average than their competitors’

Fact 3: 
DSN accredited contractors maintain a 98% retention rate with the insurer and broker alike

​*as provided by industry insurance partners.


What Makes DSN so Special?
We exist so insurance companies, brokers and restoration professionals, have an unbiased source to guide them. We provide performance-based certification and expert advice that is accessible to the industry.
Having a Disaster Services Network Accreditation is an honour and not every company will meet the high standards, nor will they be eligible to take part. 

Why Become a DSN Certified and Accredited Company?
There are extraordinary benefits and opportunities for our industry. This certification serves the contractor, insurer and broker, providing a performance-based designation in their respective fields that formally credentials not only the business but also their employees.
DSN also works with other organizations to increase industry awareness of business standards, expected mitigation practices, training and certification, and to maintain awareness of trends and changes.


The Perfect File™ sets the foundation to ensure industry expectations are met.

The contractors are required to go through a strict, intensive boot camp. This allows the insurer to expect consistency, professionalism and gives them the opportunity to know that the practices of their vendors are firm, fair and consistent.

Any and all restoration companies can take part in the Perfect File™ program.

We have the data to support all that has been accomplished!