Accredited Contractors

Belfor Kingston
Phone: 613-541-1122
“DSN has brought our service offering to levels that are unheard of in the industry. We embrace the strict, ongoing policing and auditing of our processes and demands on claims service. We worked hard to be the only Kingston accredited contractor and will continue to do what it takes to make our industry the best it can be.”
Belfor London
Phone: 519-652-1172
“As an accredited office we choose to continue our Mitigation First approach; ensuring effective claims management and excellence in all we do. This has been a huge part of our organization to ensure we remain the best in class.”
Belfor Mississauga
Phone: 905-564-5777
This program has brought our industry standard to another level. DSN goes above industry expectations with ongoing auditing to oversee our claims handling. This allows us to grow and deliver beyond the status quo.”
Belfor Owen Sound
Phone: 519-416-1122
“Disaster Services Network has delivered above our expectations. This intensive drive for consistency has allowed us to increase our potential to ensure cost effective controls in all areas of service. We are proud to be accredited and will continue to ensure we exceed expectations.”
Belfor Sarnia
Phone: 519-337-1122
“We are pleased to be part of this program. It allows us to continue to elevate our brand even further while maintaining a consistent product.  This accreditation raises the bar for everyone and keeps us all accountable at every step.”
Belfor Stratford
Phone: 519-271-1129
“The only program of its kind that holds all parties accountable to the claims process. The ongoing policing and claims auditing is why we are faster, more cost effective and deliver a better customer experience. We are proud to be the only Stratford accredited office!”
Belfor Toronto
Phone: 416-269-0493
“The DSN program has opened our eyes to areas that needed a more focused approach. We are thrilled to not only have met the strict requirements but also to be part of something so integral to our industry standards and practices. Our commitment has ensured we exceed these demands for our customers.”
Complete Restoration Services
Phone: 416-287-3332​
“The training aspect of the program is second to none. As an accredited office, it ensures our compliance with industry deliverables and maintains our accountability. This program has pushed our mitigation mentality and promotes only the highest of industry standards.”
Disaster Mitigation Services
Phone: 705-750-1111
“The ‘Mitigation First’ mindset has separated us from the industry and has also proven to be advantageous and cost effective for our customers. DSN has raised the bar and kept it high with all accredited offices. What others have failed to do DSN has done with ease and accountability at every step!”
First General Hamilton/Burlington
Phone: 905-549-5902
“The differentiator as an accredited contractor is recognizing the consistent weaknesses within our industry and doing something about it. The proprietary training provided within the program enhances industry standards and provides the ultimate in customer service.”
First General Halton
Phone: ​905-335-5515
“DSN has challenged the industry standard denouncing sub standard mitigation practices. As an accredited office we chose to be held to the strict standards and will continue to strive to out perform others in claims service and experience. DSN has kept us accountable at every step!”

First General Waterloo Region
Phone: 519-584-7000
“Every DSN accredited office chooses to become best in class as a restoration insurance provider. We hold honesty and integrity above everything else.”
First General Grey Bruce/Hanover
Phone: 519-364-1317
“Being part of this accreditation, while strict, has increased our potential to ensure cost effective file management and drives consistency among all of my offices.”
First General Owen Sound
Phone: 519-416-1317
“The DSN program has ensured industry standards are upheld through our mitigation processes. We have gained valuable resources through proven processes that allow us consistency in all aspects of our file management.”
Leda Restoration
Phone: 416-622-5051
“The DSN program ensures we do what we say we are going to do. Our file timelines are faster, more efficient and have provided cost reductions to our insurance providers.
We hold our accreditation in high regard and will continue to strive to grow through the expected initiatives.”
Miller DKI
Phone: 905-688-9224
“We are proud to have met the DSN Standard and will strive to ensure compliance at all levels. We are grateful to have this resource and will continue to push industry boundaries at all levels.”
Paul Davis of Brantford/Woodstock
Phone: 519-751-1900
“DSN not only sets the industry standard and ensures that all the accredited offices are compliant, but also that the monitoring and ongoing policing ensures quality at all levels. We are a better contractor and choose to continue to be evaluated to ensure compliance.”
Paul Davis of London
Phone: 519-685-9595
“This program has questioned the industry status quo and is constantly developing practices that drive our ongoing improvements. This program keeps us up-to-date with new technology and creates highest level of technician efficacy.”
Paul Davis of Niagara/Haldimand
Phone: 905-892-3456
“We do what we say we are going to do. Through this program, we have verifiable evaluations that support our interest to do so. As a proud accredited office, we are able to tackle complexities with ease and make every effort to exceed the expectations.”
Paul Davis Greater Vancouver
Phone: 604-984-7575
“As part of the DSN accreditation our office is able to continue to serve our industry in a transparent manner. The strict standards with the Mitigation First approach sets us apart as a leader and serves our customer in a way that no other contractor can. 

PuroClean logo

PuroClean Barrie
Phone: 705-797-1899
“Being part of the DSN accreditation has enhanced our service and consistency within our office. The training, policing and ongoing auditing using the Mitigation First mandate has provided a faster file closure time and better overall satisfaction rating. We are grateful to be part of a program that drives our industry commitment.”
PuroClean Kitchener
Phone: 519-653-8030
“The DSN program is something special that has allowed our office to be a standout in not only service, but mitigation. We have learned to further our efficiencies in mitigation services and are able to deliver in a faster more effective manner. Thank you DSN!”
PuroClean Milton
Phone: 905-877-0911
“We are honored to be an accredited DSN office. The training and ongoing competency testing for our staff is second to none and has greatly improved our operation.”
PuroClean Mississauga
Phone: 905-824-7876
“This program has by far exceeded our expectations! DSN has delivered on all the training and followed up in a way to ensure our company adheres to the strict rigid compliance requirements. We are proud to be part of the accreditation.”
PuroClean Ottawa West
Phone: 613-455-6167
“DSN has not only raised the industry standard, its substantiated what a professional industry should expect. We are pleased to be an accredited office that is held to such standards with integrity.”
ServiceMaster of Midland
Phone: 705-527-5722
To be an accredited contractor with Disaster Services Network means that we have the support to help strengthen our teams but are also held accountable to a high level of expectations within the claims handling process.
ServiceMaster of Orillia
Phone: 705-327-2285
“Disaster Services Network has helped bring consistency to our claims process and the on-going training has given our entire staff the confidence to know exactly what needs to be done to mitigate the loss from inception to completion efficiently and effectively.
ServiceMaster of Thunder Bay
Phone: 1-866-485-3885
“This program has held us to a standard that ensures we are delivering high quality service for our partners at all times. The standard and educational platform is invaluable and necessary to keep us best in class.”
Sure General Contractors Inc.
Phone: 1-877-963-7873
“Every year we find exceptional value in being an accredited office. This program ensures we are up-to-date and performing at a higher level. The ongoing key performance indicators have ensured that we not only meet the industry standards, but strive to exceed them.”